Who we are

The Stiftung Schleife is a non-denominational Christian movement. Its direct roots lie historically in the parish Winterthur-Seen of the Evangelical-Reformed State church. Since its founding, Christians of various denominations and nationalities have joined the Schleife Foundation and the Schleife Community. We are united by the desire to follow Jesus Christ and to implement his instructions for a healthy, successful life in a contemporary way.


The Schleife Foundation is organized by the board of trustees consisting of 10 persons and an executive board. The overall leadership of the Schleife Foundation lies with Andreas Keller, Jochen Thomann is Executive Director. It currently has a staff of 23 permanent employees, 4 apprentices and over 200 volunteers.

The Schleife Publishing House AG is attached as an independent legal affiliate of  the Schleife Foundation. The publisher is Marcus Watta and the supervisory board consists of 5 members. In addition to the publishing house manager, Schleife AG employs an administrative employee.

The Schleife Community, with about 300 people, including children and teenagers, is under the leadership of Thomas and Katharina Bänziger. The Schleife Community is the spiritual community of the employees of the Schleife Foundation and the Schleife Publishing House, as well as part of the volunteer coworkers with their families.

Working area

To implement all the projects and tasks in the Schleife, there are different workspaces where the different teams and their leaders do their work.

This includes:

  • Reconciliation ministry and community building
  • Bauernkonferenz.ch
  • Non-denominational services
  • International conferences
  • Seminar with diffrent ministry focuses
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Healing
  • Prophecy
  • Prayer/Intercession
  • Art and music
  • Leadership
  • Advice for children and families
  • Schleife Publishing House
  • Israel


The Stiftung Schleife is financed to 30% by seminar and conference fees. The remaining 70% will be covered by donations.

Donations are always credited to the area as desired by the donor. For instance, if "pastoral care" or a conference is noted on the payment as the reason for a donation, then it will be credited accordingly. Transfers without a specific payment purpose will be credited to the Schleife.

Would you like to support the Schleife? Thank you, we are very happy for any support! More information can be found here.

10% of our revenues are reinvested in other ministries and movements (for example GdV, JmeM).

If you have any questions, please contact our secretariat.

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