The Schleife Church Community

In the eighties, a community of prayer and cell groups started to grow within the Reformed Church of Winterthur-Seen under the leadership of Geri Keller and his wife Lilo. As time went on, their ministry kept growing and started to impact others. In 1992, the Keller’s left the parish ministry in order to fully dedicate their lives to their new calling. 

In order to perform all the tasks associated with this growth, the Stiftung Schleife (engl: Schleife foundation), based in Winterthur, was founded on the factory premises of the same name.

Connected to the Stiftung are the Schleife Publishing House and the Schleife Community, which unites persons of responsibility and employees, who call the Schleife their spiritual home. A generational change was initiated in 2008 by transferring the management of the foundation to Andreas Keller and, in 2010, the Schleife Community to Andreas and Stephanie Keller. In 2014, Andras Keller took over the mandate of the Head of the Board of Trustees.

Together on the way
The Schleife Community is a ministry community, where everyone feels called to serve in the kingdom of God and does this voluntarily. As its members are fully part of the Schleife and support it in prayer, the strength and faith that arises is able to carry the ministry and the Schleife movement. The community now includes a total of about 200 adults and approximately 100 children and young people.