Schleife Publishing House

An independent legal establishment, Schleife Verlag AG is affiliated with the Stiftung Schleife.

Interview with Marcus Watta

How would you describe Schleife Publishing’s culture?
We respect our clients and our authors. We try to make products from real lives and real experience, and are therefore based on life. When these writers write something, they do not write exciting ideas; they write about what they have experienced. We are always looking to expand product boundaries or our own limits. For example, we are currently planning a book of poetry for the first time. On the music side, the entire music world is under pressure that is not something we have seen as a Christian publisher before. We are working on ways to create more music productions. We are moving in a good direction. I always liked Schleife publishing from a distance as a musician and song writer very much for the attitude. Now that I can manage this publishing house, it is important for me to maintain this attitude, while at the same time making the content and form of our products more and more precise.

Are you addressing a specific target group?
Our products are very different, and accordingly our customers are different. We do not primarily think about target groups. We do what we think is important now, or what will enrich for people. This also entails risks, because there are products that have barely found their audience. Yet we remain in this attitude that we do what we feel is important.

What did you plan next?
Currently, two new books are in production. One is a work on Brother Klaus by Geri Keller, and on the other is a workbook on the „Heavenly Time“, which is part of the family workshop. Both have been in process for a long time, so there is a lot of work and lots of love in them. Soon a new project, the translation of the book „Heart Made Whole“ by Christa Black Gifford will begin. Occasionally, things come together when an author we know offers us something and we notice - that it fits - we have to do that.

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