HeartSync Continuation Seminar

With Father Andrew Miller (USA, online)

This follow-up seminar is specifically designed for pastoral ministers, therapists and counselors who want to work with this approach. Attending the previous basic seminar is a prerequisite for participation in the continuation seminar. The HeartSync Basic Seminar lays the foundations for this kind of ministry with hands-on demonstrations.

Seminar informations

Date: Thursday - Saturday, August 27-29, 2020
(Postponed from March to August 2020 due to the «extraordinary situation» and the measures taken by the Federal Council due to the Corona virus in March 2020)

Seminar times:

  • Thursday, 27.8.2020: 9.30 - 12.30 / 14.00 - 17.00 / 19.00 - 21.00 Uhr
  • Friday, 28.8.2020: 9.30 - 12.30 / 14.00 - 17.00 Uhr / 19.00 - 21.00 Uhr
  • Saturday, 29.8.2020; 9.30 - 12.30 / 14.00 -17.00 Uhr

Price seminar on site:

  • CHF 450.– / EUR 410.–
  • Special Price Basic & Continuation Seminar: CHF 800.– / EUR 720.–
  • Discount seminar on site: 20% discount for married couples as well as pupils / trainees / students. You receive a group discount for groups of 5 or more, please register directly with the office (office@schleife.ch / 052 233 60 80).

Price livestream:

  • CHF 250.– / EUR 225.–
  • Basic & Continuation Seminar: CHF 400.– / EUR 350.–
  • Discount livestream: no discounts.

Speaker: Father Andrew Miller (USA, online), Translation: Manfred Schmidt

Responsible: Anna-Lisa Oggenfuss and Team

Andrew Miller online

Rev. Andrew Miller (USA) cannot be present on site due to the limitations of the corona pandemic, so we will bring him online for the seminar.

Livestream seminar

We will broadcast the HeartSync continuation seminar for CHF 250.– / EUR 225.– (single price) or CHF 400.– / EUR 350.– (combined price) via livestream. Registration see below.

Training in the principles and applications of the HeartSync Ministry

  • How do I identify and work with the dynamics of the core personality, such as mental powers (psychodynamics) and the associated brain functions
  • Dynamics of pain: painful memories, different ego states, personality parts)
  • Correct approach to freedom from occult powers and occult influences
  • How do I resolve conflicts and false beliefs and bring restoration / reconciliation between the core personality dynamics?
  • Types and ways of dealing with of hidden protections
  • How do I pray for quick relief of pain and trauma
  • Demonstrations with debriefing and time for questions & answers

Speaker (online)

Rev. Andrew Miller has been an individual, marriage and family therapist for 25 years. In recent years, he founded «HeartSync Ministries» and, together with a professional team, specializes in the healing of dissociations (separation of perceptual and memory content) and trauma, especially in people who suffer from severe consequences of abuse. Andy is an Anglican priest with a degree in clinical social work and combines in his work biblical healing principles with medical expertise. He has also had a Department of Internal Healing at Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center since 1994. Andy is married to Lisa; together they have a son.

In cooperation with

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Registration closed

Online registration is not possible anymore. For short-term registration call the Schleife Office +41 (0)52 233 60 80.

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