Alignment - Israel and the nations

Israel seminar with Asher Intrater (Israel), Andreas Keller and Thomas Bänziger

For the first time, the well-known Messianic Jew Asher Intrater visits us on the subject of «Alignment». His book of the same name is currently being published and will be presented to the public for the first time during the seminar.

«Alignment,» or «orientation,» is an umbrella term and a call to the Bride of Jesus Christ to synchronize with the plans of Heaven regarding Jews and Arabs, Israel and Jerusalem, as well as the coming apostolic age.


Date: October 25-26, 2019 (Friday 19.30 to Saturday 21.30)

Location: Stiftung Schleife

Price: CHF 95.– / EUR 82.–
We will raise collections for Israel during the seminar.

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Asher Intrater (Israel) is founder and apostolic leader of the Revive Israel Ministries. He also runs Tikkun International and oversees two congregations: Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv and Ahavat Yeshua in Jerusalem. He is married to Betty, they have four grown children and live in the Jerusalem area.

Andreas Keller is the overall director of the Stiftung Schleife. In addition, he does a variety of seminar and conference work as well as teaching and preaching services at home and abroad. He is also known as author. Andreas is married and has four children.

Thomas Bänziger, Pastor Dr. theol., father of four, has been working at the Stiftung Schleife together with his wife since 2015, among others. As leader of the Schleife Community, Bible Workshop, and editor in chief of the «Prophetic Bulletin».


WORKSHOP 1 - «Accepting the mystery of Israel» with Claire Glauser, Head of Return Organization (RETO)

As the voices against Israel grow louder, everyone has to check how they relate to Israel - personally, and Switzerland as a country. We will also focus on wha is happening now.

Claire Glauser, dr. med. pens, grew up in Winterthur and worked for 11 years as a missionary doctor in the Savannah of West Africa. She is married to her colleague Peter Glauser and they have 4 grown children. Claire leads the Reto-Return organization, which helps poor Jewish people from the former Soviet Union to return to Israel.

WORKSHOP 2 - «Alignment in Switzerland» with Markus Neurohr-Schäfer, coordinator TJCII-CH

This workshop explores various topics such as «Swiss Antisemitism and the Memorial Initiative - A Forward-Looking Culture of Remembrance», «The SMJA - Swiss Messianic Jewish Alliance», «Messianic Jews in Switzerland and their Way with Yeshua», «The Vision of TJCII and the one new man after Ephesians 2».

Markus Neurohr-Schäfer is the coordinator of TJCCI-CH (Toward Jerusalem Council II). He and his wife Mechthild have seven children and are grandparents of ten grandchildren. He is a religious educator and retired teacher in the Catholic Church and at Christian schools. And he is involved in prayer circles and initiatives for the re-establishment of unity in the body of Christ, and with Messianic Jews in particular.

WORKSHOP 3 - «God's Exciting Plans» with Annette Herwig-Hirschmann, MA theol.

It is exciting to see how different biblical prophecies about God's people and the land of Israel are starting to appear before our eyes, seemingly in concrete ways. We want to take a closer look at these fascinating plans of God and their overall formation and delve into them.

Annette Herwig-Hirschmann, MA theol., Was born in Cologne, has worked as a lecturer after studies in German literature, music and theology and now lives in Winterthur for over 20 years, where she was part of the staff of the Stiftung Schleife and is still part of the Schleife Community. She was married to Pastor Michael Herwig, is a mother of her daughter Sarah and her heart is burning for God's plans and love for everyone in everyday life as well as for his people in general - especially for the people of Israel - to become visible.

WORKSHOP 4 - «The History of Anti-Semitism» with Thomas Bänziger,  Head of Israel work Schleife

When, where and why the «alignment» between Israel and the nations did not work and what we can learn from it for ourselves today and for a successful cooperation.

Thomas Bänziger, Pastor Dr. theol., father of four children, has been working for ten years as a pastor since September 2015, together with his wife Katharina at the Stiftung Schleife. He is responsible for the Schleife community and the Bible workshop. Thomas is also the editor in charge of the Prophetic Bulletin. He holds a doctorate in the Old Testament and is a visiting lecturer at the STH Basel and at the IGW.


Friday:          19.30−21.30:     Evening plenum
Saturday:     09.30−12.30:     Morning plenum
                     14.30−17.30:     Workshops  (2x)
                     19.30−21.30:     Public evening with Asher Intrater

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Israel und die Nationen
Geri Keller
(Book in German) CHF 9

Islam, Israel und die Gemeinde
Marcel Rebiai
(Book in German) CHF 21.50