Heart of Worship

Seminar for intercession and worship

We are looking forward to the Heart of Worship 2019. For a week we want to create space for worship and praise. We will sing and pray together in all simplicity. New and old friends from the US, Germany and Switzerland will be our guests. We will hear and learn from them in plenary sessions as well as in workshops and small gatherings.

We look forward to the exchange, the activity and the shared experience.

Everyone is cordially invited to join: from Monday, July 15, to Saturday, July 20, 2019, at the Stiftung Schleife.

We look forward to seeing you!

Marcus & Rebecca Watta and Lilo Keller


Suzy Yaraei is a wonderful artist who sings with the same passion and freedom in Christ as she lives in her personal walk with Him. She especially understands how to activate other artists, worshipers and musicians to overcome their personal challenges and to gain new territory.

Kamran Yaraei will share his big heart with us, which loves God and always looks for his nearness. Kamran is a role model for us to live in yearning for Jesus and to be close to Him even in our thinking.

Veronika and Sebastian Lohmer are worshipers whose lives stand for worship. They have been full-time prayer house missionaries in the Augsburg prayer house for over 10 years, praying day and night with unceasing praise. They have helped shaped events like the MORE conference, among others. As speakers and worshipers, they like to travel to lead others into these spaces of encounter with Jesus. Also, with their two sons Immanuel and Elia, it never gets boring.

Céline Bührer and Jonathan Schmidt are part of Central Music, a movement of pop culture and churchgoers. Originally founded by and for musicians, their initiatives are now geared to creative people from all branches of the popular arts. In particular, they encourage artists to focus fully on God in their being and doing, and to be part of a global symphony to his honor - Soli Deo Gloria.

Dän Zeltner was already a bassist and drummer in Sunday School at the age of 11. After a change of residence he came to CLZ Burgdorf, where he eventually traveled for seven years with the band "dimanche.soir". By playing regularly at the renowned "Get Ready Nights" and participating in the hit albums of "worship@clz.ch", Dan’s ministry also took on a national dimension. Since then, songs like «Es isch Jesus, wo mir fyre», «Ewige Gott» und «Necher zu Dir» belong to the songs of many German-Swiss faith communities.

Lilo Keller founded the Stiftung Schleife with her husband Geri. She is a concert pianist and has been known for many years for her worship, books and conferences. It is Lilo's gift to lead people into their vocation. She is a passionate worshiper and speaker at events in various countries around the world.

Marcus and Rebecca Watta direct music, worship, publishing an art in the Schleife. Among other things, they are known for their songs, various music productions, publications and, of course, their concerts together.

Other contributors:

Andreas & Stephanie Keller, Markus Fuchs, Daniela Bär, Tabea Kämpf, Marc Ebermann, Elke Reichert and many others.

Seminar information

Date: Monday to Saturday, July 15–20, 2019

Location: Stiftung Schleife

Responsible: Marcus & Rebecca Watta

Proce: CHF 280.– / EUR 240.–

Further information will follow.

Main events

  • Group praise and worship
  • Presentations and contributions
  • Workshops
  • Personal refreshment and inspiration
  • Prophetic prayer is offered


Along with our guests, we will offer a variety workshops.


  • singing and praying
  • Dance
  • Creative design
  • Text-writing
  • Blessing with musical instruments
  • Work on the theme “My cross - a process"
  • and more

The choice of workshops takes place on the first day of the seminar.

Those interested in the painting workshop are kindly requested to bring their preferred materials (pens, water-soluble paints, brushes, cups and paper).

Those interested in the instrumental workshop are asked to bring their own personal instrument.

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Marcus & Rebecca Watta

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