HeartSync Basic Seminar

Rev. Andrew Miller of the USA has developed a unique approach to inner healing, HeartSync = Heart Synchronization. How can a broken heart be healed? How can broken, wounded parts of the personality be re-connected with God? How are the emotions and the mind unified? This basic course familiarizes counselors, therapists and pastors with the HeartSync approach in theory and hands-on demonstrations. HeartSync is a powerful tool in the service of severely broken people and a means of refreshing for those who want to deepen their relationship with God.

With "HeartSync", Father Andrew Miller has developed model of Inner Healing based on a biblical view of mankind that combines elements from various pastoral and therapeutic approaches. Injured and repressed parts of the heart are consciously experienced and related to God in new ways. As a result, those seeking help experience reconciliation with themselves and a new depth in their relationship with God. Andrew Miller calls this process "heart synchronization" ("HeartSync").

The HeartSync continuation seminar takes place following ยป

Seminar informations

Date: Information about the next HearSync seminar will follow.

Responsible: Anna-Lisa Oggenfuss and Team

Prices:Basic Seminar CHF 420.โ€“
Continuation Seminar CHF 420.โ€“
Basic and Continuation Seminar CHF 800.โ€“


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