Our pastoral counseling training is education is well grounded

The pastoral workshop is based on the biblical image of mankind. The message of the Gospel forms the basis for issues of inner healing. We will experience together that the Word of God brings healing and deliverance. The various topics of pastoral counseling are presented comprehensively and taught in a practical way.

Focused on the biblical new creation

We promote and strengthen the life newly created by God. Man should come into God’S provision for him. The Holy Spirit changes him into God's image. The pastor helps to create the framework conditions for this to happen.

Natural and yet very supernatural

We depend on the supernatural action of the Holy Spirit. We learn to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, to take his impressions and leadings seriously and to work with them. Prayer is an important tool of healing. In addition, we also get to know and use many natural tools that help us to make the conversation and the experience of the person seeking advice more life-like.


We will implement what we have learned on two levels:

1. Pastoral counseling in one's personal life. That which we ourselves have experienced shapes and convinces us. Every counselor works on himself during the entire training.

2. In pastoral counseling sessions we participate closely in the processes as pastors, co-pastors, secretaries or leaders, and learn to lead parts or whole conversations.

Accredited by ACC

The entire training complies with the requirements of ACC Level I "accompanying pastoral counseling". Upon completion of the training on a qualifying day in the Schleife, there is the possibility to obtain accreditation for ACC certification.


  • Understanding pastoral counseling
  • The person of the pastoral counselor
  • The Biblical image of mankind
  • Fatherhood
  • Prophecy in pastoral counseling
  • The key of forgiveness
  • Inner and outer healing
  • Liberation
  • Interviewing
  • Prayer in pastoral care


  • Pastoral self-care
  • Examination of one's personal biography
  • Lessons on different topics
  • Deepening and self-study of the course materials with learning guidance
  • Practice in pastoral care within the group
  • Prophetic intercession
  • Reading and writing a pastoral textbook
  • Exchange and deepening of topics in groups
  • Accompaniment during the training by a mentor


Rolf Germann