Heart of Worship

Dwelling in the presence of God

Dear worshippers –
Singing, Praying, Dancing, Making music, Painting, Designing ...

What has moved us continously is staying in God's presence. So it is fitting that this year's Heart of Worship motto is "Dwelling in the presence of God" – after the well-known quote by Brother Lorenz. We strive for this awareness in our lives. We want to be with God and to walk with Him, as Genesis says about Enoch. Being close to God has been a topic from the beginning of mankind to the present. We can continue to live close to God, in thought, in prayer, in our business an in all things.

All of you – including non-musicians – are cordially invited to celebrate with us from August 15 to 18.

Marcus & Rebecca Watta

With Sean Feucht (USA) and Sebastian & Veronika Lohmer (D)

When the passion for praise, people in crisis areas and prophetic intercessions merge, one inevitably encounters Sean Feucht. His reports only hint at his heart for singing praise in "closed" countries. Sean Feucht is part of the Bethel Music Collective and Bethel Curch, Redding (USA), and is becoming known in Europe. We look forward to him and to what he will awaken in us.

Veronika and Sebastian Lohmer are from the Prayer House Augsburg and lead worship there in the prayer rooms and large conferences. What they do there is born of prayer and in an attitude that impresses us a lot. We are looking forward to hearing about their experiences and expertise.

Lilo Keller, together with her husband Geri, founded the Schleife Foundation. She is a concert pianist and has been known for many years for her worship, books and conferences. It is Lilo's gift to lead people into their calling. She is a passionate worshiper and speaker at events in various countries around the world.

Rebecca and Marcus Watta direct music and worship, along with publishing and art in the Schleife. Among other things, the are known for their songs, various musical productions, publications, and their concerts together.

Other contributors:

Andreas & Stephanie Keller, Markus Fuchs, Tabea Kämpf, Samuel Schuhmacher and others.

Seminar information

Date: Wednesday, August 15 (9:30 am), until Saturday, August 18 (12 pm)

Location: Stiftung Schleife

Director: Marcus Watta

Price: CHF 250

Main topics

  • Common praise and worship
  • Presentations and inputs on current topics
  • Artistic workshops in different disciplines
  • Personal refreshment and inspiration
  • Prophetic prayer is offered


Sean Feucht and Veronika and Sebastian Lohmer will be offering their own workshop.

Addidtional workshops:

  • Dance
  • Visual design
  • Texts
  • Blessing with instruments
  • Working on the theme: "My Cross – a Process"

Workshops will be chosen during the seminar.

Those interested in the painting workshop are kindly requested to bring their preferred materials to the seminar (pens, water-soluble paints, brushes, mugs and paper).

Those interestet in the instrumental workshop are asked to bring their own musical instrument.


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General information

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Marcus Watta