God experienced

Healing on Livestream

After the Tuesday service on December 4, 2018, we received the following message: «On that Tuesday night, I almost missed the livestream broadcast - if it had not been for a loyal friend who reminded me. Since 2011 I have to fight episodes of irritable bowel syndrome (irritable bowel and stomach). Many prayers have been sent to Jesus throughout these years. Sometimes I felt better, sometimes worse. Since October, however, these pains have become chronic and I often lay for hours with a hot water bottle on the sofa. No doctor knew what to do, and again and again I had to try to control my symptoms with analgesics, which hardly helped. On the 4th of December I lay back on the sofa and listened to the worship, sermon and prayers. And finally, Andreas’ impressions of someone with stomach problems. All at once my tears rolled down, I was deeply touched, and all I said was, 'Your wounds have healed me! Amen!' The other day I knew: now you're not taking proton pump inhibitors anymore - you’re trusting the word of God. Honestly, sometimes I was almost afraid that this pain could return. I proclaimed the word daily: 'Through your wounds, I am healed.' Since December 4, 2018 I can eat everything, have no more stomach and intestinal pain and I have energy and joy of life again. Thank God thankfully - even on the livestream it is possible to receive healing. No thing is impossible with God! It's a huge gift for me and for Christmas.»

M. S. from Grisons, December 2018

Salivary glands healed

A response to Lilo Keller’s Prophetic Service on Tuesday, October 2, 2019: «Lilo mentioned the salivary gland. I had very viscous saliva and inflamed salivary glands. As she prayed, I felt a tingling sensation on both sides. I had put my hands on myself. My mouth suddenly filled with a lot of saliva. I could hardly swallow anything and spit it out. It was like a bubbling stream. Wonderful! I think that now my salivary glands are healed. My saliva is like water. This as a testimony to the glory of Jesus.»

Jacqueline, Comment on Dezember 18, 2019 on YouTube (in German) »

Neck does not hurt anymore

«I was in the Schleife at the Xundheit Conference (9/10. November 2018). Before leaving home, Christof Häselbarth prayed for me. My legs became the same length and my painful neck got healed. For years I could barely lift my head and look up to the sky. Even a scarf or a turtleneck sweater hurt. Several times I went to Physio without success. Now everything is good! Praise and thanks be to God! »

Marianne, December 2018

Legs the same length again
My legs were not the same length and I came with sharp pains in the right hip, groin and leg to the service. After the prayer, as well as the worship, I felt my left leg grow longer. The pain disappeared immediately. I ran out of the room completely different. Through this healing and positive change, my life has completely changed for the better. No more pain, I am cured! Thank you Jesus!

Leg grows longer
I went into the Schleife for healing. My concern was healing for my new knee, but especially for the 2 cm shorter leg that was not operated on. The next night I woke up at 2 o'clock because of severe pain in the shorter leg. I thought my leg would be torn apart. It went on for about 15 minutes. In the morning, the left leg was exactly the same length as one the freshly operated on.

Healing from arthritis
My body is affected with arthritis in various places. The day I went to the healing prayer, I felt severe pain in my right knee and right hip (partial knee prosthesis 2 years ago). During the prayer, the healing power of Jesus flowed through me! I have received healing and can move my knee and hip again without pain. Thank you Jesus!

Less allergies
Because of hay fever and various food allergies, I have received prayer in the Schleife and various other places. At the beginning of 2015 I had a picture: Jesus gave me an apple from our fruit bowl. Until then, I was allergic to apples, but in the picture, I tried one without getting a scratchy neck. During the pollen season of hazel and birch I had to give up apples again, but only needed half of the normal drugs during this season! Thank you Jesus!

Healing of abdominal discomfort
I had severe abdominal discomfort for a long time. After prayer, my stomach is healthy. I thank Jesus for the healing!

Pain-free knees
I had terrible pain in my knee, the doctor’s diagnose was arthrosis. After being prayed for, the pain disappeared. All glory to God. Thank you Jesus.

Relationship restored
I received healing in the relationship to my husband and to my sons. We were able to forgive each other and experienced deliverance from many wounds that we had inflicted on each other over the years. I praise and glorify the Lord and thank him for his healing power.

Arm fully functional
I used to not be able to lift my right arm without experiencing pain. I often woke up during the night because of it. At the farmer’s conference, people prayed for my shoulder/arm region. In the course of the next couple of weeks, I was healed. I worked all summer without experiencing pain. All glory to God, this is a great miracle for me.

Hand restored
A friend and I went to the Schleife Tuesday Special service with Carlos Jimenéz from Columbia. Before starting his sermon, Carlos Jimenéz prayed for healing of people in the audience.

After a little while, I noticed that my entire left hand was strongly flooded through, as if it were electrified, and it started to swell. Suddenly, both of my metacarpal bones felt like soft and elastic clay, the bones became very soft and they reshaped and moved within my hand while I was watching, and it continued to do so all night. These metacarpal bones had been smashed in a car crash many years ago and had only been temporarily screwed together.

The next morning: The back of my hand used to have a larger arch, because the bones had not been aligned axially and had been screwed together without torsion. This arch has now disappeared almost completely, both metacarpal bones came down and it feels better than ever since the surgery took place.

My left hand hadn’t been fully functional for more than 20 years, the little finger and the ring finger had only had limited mobility and sensors, and I wasn’t able to precisely and accurately steer them. This limited mobility made me think that I would never be able to play the guitar again. Since this healing took place, I’m able to move these fingers much more precisely and easily and now there’s nothing that stands in the way of learning to play the guitar!

A tendon in my hand, which had run over a bone and caused pain from time to time, was also relocated, so that it now doesn’t move in my hand in a way that disturbs me anymore! I’m now able to press my hand together and my left arm is stronger than ever.

All glory for what I have received belongs to Jesus!

God’s comprehensive work
Three weeks ago, I have asked for healing prayer. Not only was I healed from chronic tonsillitis, but also from my and my children’s sensitivity to infections. On top of that, Jesus has given the perfect job to my husband and has completely fulfilled his desires. I experience God’s presence every day and feel his guidance and peace in what I do. He really transcends all understanding!

Knee stability restored
My knee was in pain a lot and very instable. I went to the healing prayer in the Schleife and they prayed for me. My knee improved a little. At home my 6 year old son noticed that despite the prayer the knee wasn’t a 100% good. He then prayed again: “Lord I give you the assignment to heal my Moms knee, amen.” And Hallelujah, God did heal my knee!

Free from neck and back pain
During the Seminar with Aliss Cresswell I got rid of my neck and back pain. To do the test I vacuumed my whole flat, which I haven’t been able to do for a long time due to my pain. It’s so wonderful, I’m strengthened and encouraged.

Miracle Baby
For 2 years we have been waiting to have our own child. In April I came for healing prayer – and now I’m pregnant. This is really is a living miracle for us. This morning we had our 3 month doctor’s visit and the little one is very well. Many thanks for your encouragement and prayer. A big “thank you” to the team from Bethel as well.

Blood levels are back to normal
In spring 2011 I was diagnosed with increased protein blood levels (PSA). A biopsy confirmed the suspected prostate cancer. After a surgery, the levels were back in a „healthy range“. However, the follow-up examination showed that the levels had been increasing again. In January 2013 they were at 0.1. When attending the seminar „Growing in Prophecy and Healing“ I received healing through prayer. At the next check-up my blood levels were at 0.08. This usually doesn’t happen. God didn’t only heal my prostate, but my knees also feel perfectly fine ever since.

It got better
Ever since I attended the seminar „Growing in Prophecy and Healing“, the symptoms caused by lactose intolerance and hay fever, which I strongly suffered from, have significantly decreased. Furthermore, my regular meetings with the osteopath due to my blocked vertebra are no longer necessary.

Red blood cells restored
While going for a walk, I prayed for restoration and healing of my red blood cells. The last blood test showed the worst levels up to now. I went to see a specialized doctor in order to find out whether I needed to do a bone marrow puncture. This blood test showed almost normal blood levels and the doctor advised me against the bone marrow puncture. It’s just amazing how quickly the Lord intervened – hallelujah.

Ear canal reopened
For three months I hardly heard anything with my left ear. After receiving healing prayer, my ear canal was open again. I also had pain in my left leg. After the first prayer it got a little better and after the second one, I was able to move it with feeling almost no pain.

Goodbye knee pain
A while ago, I was diagnosed with ruptured meniscus in both knees. The left side was operated, but I wasn’t entirely happy about it. That’s why my doctor and I decided not to have my right leg undergo surgery. After the seminar „Authority and Healing“ my right knee stopped hurting. It also feels more stable and stronger. Honor to whom honor is due: Jesus.

Life without ADHS
For four years, I’ve been taking medicine prescribed by my doctor due to ADHS. During the seminar „Growing in Authority and Healing“ I suddenly knew that it was time to stop taking the medicine, which I’m now doing as agreed upon with my doctor. The dose is now almost down to zero. Furthermore, I had been afflicted with back pain for a long time, which is now gone as well.

Less joint pain
Two weeks before the seminar, my doctor told me that my joint pain was the beginning of arthrosis. When the joints were prayed for during the seminar, I claimed healing. Now I hardly ever feel any pain. Jesus healed me.

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