Love for Israel

We read in Zachariah 2:12 that God speaks about Israel as the apple of his eye. The Stiftung Schleife takes a clear stand for God's chosen people and supports them with practical outreaches, finances and prayers.  The Schleife cultivates many connections to Jewish people and a variety of Messianic churches in Israel. Furthermore, we organize events which raise the awareness for anti-Semitic attitudes and address  reconciliation with the Jews.

Ranging from Israel conferences to deepening theme days and our product range of the Schleife Publishing House; we aim at calling attention to this difficult situation and fostering love for God's people by being in his presence.

The organization "Israel Werke Schweiz (IWS)" provides valuable services in our country and addresses important topics at a variety of events. 

"I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse" Genesis 12:3. Following the example set by this Bible verse, we want to continue to pray for Israel. We also desire for our youth to be seized with love for the Israeli people.


Thomas Bänziger