Music, Arts and Dance

Music, arts and creative potential
Music and arts are forms of expression for spirit, soul and heart. Our creator has bestowed us with creative potential, so that in his image, we can take action. At events of the Stiftung Schleife, various musicians, performers, dancers and creative artists with different backgrounds and styles arrange worship and make valuable contributions.

We believe that music and art is a form of gratitude towards the creator and an expression of his love to all his creatures. Worship music fills people's hearts with God. We are constantly looking for new songs, musicals and new forms of music - so much more is yet to come!

Once upon a time, art and church were a dream couple and created wonderful pieces. History shows that art and church became out of touch. Our goal is to make these areas meet again in some sort of renaissance. Furthermore, we are relearning to recognize true art and beauty in a world of sensory overload. Therefore, our eyes need to get used to what is good once again.

The product range of the Schleife Publishing House is an expression of the things created in the Schleife. The Publishing House publishes a variety of CD productions, audio books and books.

Another form of worship is dance, which is usually expressed together with music to honor God in various events of the Schleife. The presence of God is moving and can be experienced in a variety of ways.

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Music & Arts

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