We come to your church!

We are happy to come to your church and share what we have received from God in the area of family workshops, counseling, healing, prophecy, intercession, music and art by organizing courses or seminar days.

  • Family days in your church
  • Parenting together with our Creator
  • Team coaching
  • Counseling seminars, basic and follow-up seminars
  • Basic prophetic training, further prophetic training
  • Prophecy coaching and leadership training
  • Incorporation of prophecy in your church
  • Basic intercessory training
  • Healing prayer basics
  • Worship workshops and band coaching
  • Sharpening the eye and the approach to art
  • Prophetic Dance Course

We would love to support your church or event with lectures on the following or other current topics: "Spiritual leadership", "Women in leadership", "Come to the cross", "Come to the heart of the Father", "A new heart", "Friendship with the Holy Spirit", "Prophecy as a lifestyle", "Israel / the struggle for the Holy Land", "Islam and Christianity / how do they go together?", "Gender Mainstreaming", "Education-related topics / Advice and inputs for parents, educators, children and youth", "The power of worship", "Reunite art and church", "Sharpening the eye / What are works of art telling us?", "A view into the supernatural world", "Healthy basics of deliverance ministry", "The gift of discerning of spirits", "Quality leadership with God as our coach", "Understanding the soul", "God still heals today!", and others.

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Would you like to invite a team or an individual person from the Schleife to help you with a specific task or hold a lecture? Please contact our office by phone T +41 (0)52 233 60 80, write an e-mail to or complete our request form.

Your request will be discussed in our team and answered as quickly as possible.


It is our financial concept to cover the expenses. We do not have fixed rates, but ask the organizer to gather a collection for the Stiftung Schleife.