Tuesday Service Special with Bobby Conner

For nearly five decades, Bobby Conner has served as a seasoned prophet around the world. He has a deep, passionate love for Jesus and a strong desire to hear God's voice and to share what he has heard. By doing so, he wants to help prepare the church and lead the people into their callings. Bobby's prophetic words are life-changing, precise encouragements and admonitions for individuals, churches, regions, and nations. In his ministry, he experiences supernatural physical and emotional healings, liberation, and signs and wonders. He has extensive knowledge of the Bible and lives in close personal relationship with God.

Appreciated as an international prophet and conference speaker, Bobby has served in more than 50 countries and throughout the United States (an average of five times a week in more than four decades). As a baby, he survived a failed abortion attempt and was led out by God from drug trafficking and suicidal intentions. Bobby served as a Baptist pastor with his wife Carolyn for 27 years. Together they later founded Eagles View Ministries. Bobby and Carolyn have been married for 50 years and have two sons and five grandchildren. Bobby also is the author of numerous books.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 7:30 pm to approx. 10:00 pm
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