Tuesday service with Scott MacLeod February 12, 2019

A prophetic praise evening with Scott MacLeod Nashville / USA (author of the well-known vision and booklet "The Lion of Light") and his team «HARVEST SOUND». 

We are very happy that, after a long time, Scott MacLeod comes back from Nashville to join us in the Schleife. It will be an evening full of praise, prophetic inspiration and shared worship. Scott will be playing and ministering along with his team "Harvest Sound". Welcome!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 7.30 p.m. to approx. 10 p.m.
No admission charge (collection)

Scott MacLeod is a writer, songwriter, producer, musician, pastor and international speaker. Scott moved from Canada to Nashville, TN in 1986, where he worked in the Christian music industry until 1994. Developments in the industry began to trouble him, and he was led by God to serve the poor and the lost. His ministry in downtown Nashville and around the world meets the physical and spiritual needs of people on the margins of society. Scott's vision is to mobilize musicians and artists and see a second Renaissance - the rebirth of music and art to the glory of God and the a worldwide harvest of souls. In 2007, Scott and his wife Sarah founded the Thunder School, which trains and equips musicians and artists, and the record label Harvest Sound. Scott and Sarah travel internationally as speakers and teachers. Scott's books "Snakes in the Lobby" and "The Lion of Light" were published by Schleifen Verlag and have been an important input for many. Scott, Sarah and their two children Emily and Daniel live in Franklin, TN.

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