A calling of the Schleife is to be a spiritual armory. We have accepted and implemented this calling with our workshops. We currently have five different workshops: The Bible Workshop, The Pastor's Workshop, The Prophecy Workshop, The Family Workshop, and The Heart of Worship. Each of these workshops has the goal of educating people in their respective topics, bringing them closer to our God.

Bible Workshop

Have you already wished to become more proficient with the content and background of the books of the Bible or church history, but cannot attend Bible School? Then the Bible Workshop is the right thing for you!

Foundational book of faith
The Bible is the foundational book of our faith. Dealing with it is worthwhile as it strengthens the foundation of our faith. In the “workshop”, we explain basic questions about the individual books of the Bible, and we also work on example texts. Through reading and discussion, tools are imparted that enrich personal Bible study at home. The Word of God is called a "sword" in Ephesians 6:17. In this sense, a weapon for everyday life is also sharpened in the Bible workshop. Jesus Himself exemplified how we can use the Bible in the challenges of everyday life as a personal weapon (see Matthew 4). In the Bible workshop, our confidence is renewed that God still speaks to us today through his Word, which is living and true. No matter if you already know the Bible by heart or just a little bit - you are cordially invited to the Bible Workshop!

The Bible Workshop at a glance
The Bible Workshop provides a compact overview of the entire Bible. Over six Saturdays, we learn more about the history, background, authorship, structure and content of the individual books. Based on selected texts, we work on key messages and main topics. With accompanying Bible reading, the modules will invigorate personal access to the Bible. The module OT (Old Testament) takes us on a journey of discovery through the 39 books of the Old Testament (next start: expected January 2019). The module NT (New Testament) takes us on a journey of discovery through the books of the New Testament (next start: expected January 2020). Single study days OT / NT complete the offer.

New module: Church history (CH)
On four Saturdays we will deal with key moments and key persons in the development of the Church. We will read selected central source texts together, discuss them and ask about their meaning and relevance for today. We will deal with the crucial questions of the past in order to gain clues for current arguments and motivations for our faith life. Reformation and revival history is a special focus, and together we want to rediscover these ancient sources. On the compact course days, we will only go into the different eras in passing; the detailed overview makes it possible to read the study book at home.

This is what course participants say
"When I was in Israel, I realized that the OT has much more to do with the NT than I realized. I wanted to get to know these connections better. I succeeded with the Bible Workshop. By taking the word from Hebrew, much new meaning has opened up. "- Stina

"I wanted to get an overview - a kind of helicopter view. Looking at the individual trees not only in the valley below, but the big picture that God has for humanity. It has become clear how the OT and NT flow into each other and form a unity. "- Reto

There won't be a Bible Workshop in 2019. Information about the Bible Workshop 2020 will follow.

Workshop for counselors

Year after year, for over 20 years, we have been training men and women to accompany people in their life situations in a pastoral way.

What fascinates you most about the workshop for pastoral workers?
Everyone who does this training will be changed. Our pastoral understanding becomes reality in every life. The genius of pastoral care is that the Holy Spirit is the main worker. I can create the framework together with the counselor, but what actually happens takes place between the Holy Spirit and person seeking help.

What is important for the person seeking help?
The help seeker needs people who are genuinely concerned with understanding him or her. The pastor should inspire the person seeking advice to think anew,  and communicate a vision and hope that his or her situation is changeable and solvable. The pastor does not know the solution; it is within the help seeker. When people realize that they can listen to God, and so they come up with solutions that will help them, this is pure healing.

How is what is learned implemented?
In conversations with help seekers, what was learned and processed in theory is practically implemented. Participants work in a team under the guidance of a competent pastor. There are different ways to apply what you have learned. No matter what you do later, the time is well spent and the money is invested profitably.

This is what course participants say
"I appreciated the competent and profound training of the speakers very much. They opened up valuable Bible truths and guided me through the implementation in my personal life. " – Susi

"I have learned a lot and already experience its effect in pastoral discussions" – Anne

"In the workshop for pastors, my identity as a man has been strengthened." – Roger

"In the workshop theory and practical exercises were very well balanced." – Franziska

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Family Workshop

The demands and pressures in everyday family life are increasing. Everyone needs their own source of support that gives them again a view and hope for their life.

The service of the family workshop has 6 areas
professional and pastoral counseling | Creative Studio | Family support | Parenting | Early childhood development | Intercession.

The basis of our offer is Jeremiah 31, 16-17: "You no longer need to cry and complain! Wipe away your tears, because I will reward you for what you have done for your descendants: They return from the land of their enemies. You have a future! You can draw new hope! Because your children are coming back to their homeland.”

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Workshop for prophecy

Jesus increased in wisdom and knowledge. That is exactly what we want in the field of prophecy. We want to follow God and his nature and seek him out.

What is important in prophecy in general?
When we pass on prophetic words, we do so in the name of God. Our own humanity is always mixed in with all of our impressions and experiences, thoughts and feelings. Our goal must be to understand the plans that God has for people, rather than focusing on the knowledge of what the enemy has done, or what I believe,  feel and see. Specifically, this means that we no longer look at what is difficult in people's lives, but see it in the way God sees and creates them. Our endeavor must be to dig up these treasures of the heart.

What is important in the Prophetic Workshop?
We want to discover the gift of prophecy and train, apply and try it in all its facets. We want to develop these abilities. At the same time our sense of responsibility should grow. Our character, our heart should be shaped and transformed by God. The more we stop and look at him, the more we become transformed into his image.

How much does our image of God play a role in prophetic ministry?
We are ambassadors to Christ. That means, I have to know this God whom I represent. I can and will only pass on what I experienced and lived myself. My image of God comes out of all my pores. Although I can say verbally that God is merciful, if I have only experienced God as punishment, this punitive view of God will come out of me non-verbally. The nonverbal has much more power than the verbal. At the same time, we must acknowledge that we never really know God perfectly. In the Prophetic Workshop we want a living relationship with this God. We want to ask him what he is like, to know him through his word, and to let go of our limitations and preconceptions.

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Workshop for HeartSync

Training as a Qualified HeartSync Companion

With HeartSync, Rev. Andrew Miller has developed a biblical model of Inner Healing that combines elements from various pastoral and therapeutic realms, including neuroscience. Hurt and split parts of the heart are consciously rediscovered and newly related to God. As a result, those seeking advice experience reconciliation with themselves and a new depth in their relationship with God. Andrew Miller calls this process "heart synchronization" ("HeartSync"). HeartSync is an effective key in serving people who experience blockages in their lives through brokenness at different levels of their hearts, as well as those who wish to deepen their relationship with God.

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Heart of Worship

Praise and worship are at the heart of our work in the Schleife. "Heart of Worship" has become synonymous with us, as well as e.g. the "Levite camp".

We consciously take the time to pay attention to God by aligning our natural and spiritual senses with Him. Music, songs, dance and painting are possibilities for a lifestyle of worship.

What is the goal of "Heart of Worship"?
Since 2006, we invite people for days or even weeks, in which we seek the presence of God together with guests from different countries and denominations. We believe that God is always present through his Spirit and seeks communion with us all. Nevertheless, we notice a difference when we seek and cultivate this fellowship with him. Intimacy with the spirit of God is vital. At the same time, this closeness is as simple as we feel when we read the few words that describe the life of Enoch in the Bible (Genesis 5:24).  We learn that Enoch walked with God. And everyone can imagine what this can mean - walking with God. A familiarity, something lasting, a constant exchange in words and thoughts. We imagine an intimate dialogue with God when we read of Enoch - a life hand in hand with the Creator. This is "Heart of Worship".  We strive after this - for a heart that lives in relationship  to God.

How does that work?
In the days we spend common, intense times in singing, resounding praise. There is free space to dance and to take the posture that suits everyone personally. We hear from our guests contributions that help us to further change our lives. In 2016 Lothar Kosse, Jonathan and Melissa Helser were our guests. Previously, we hosted Suzy Wills and Don Potter . It's so exciting, encouraging and enriching to know where other people are currently going, what moves them, what their questions are, their yearning, their experience, their faith, and how the journey continues for them. Our guests and the staff members of the Schleife give diverse workshops in the creative fields: art, dance, songwriting, literature, improvisation, intercession, prophetic service to creation - including new and experimental themes. And it is our experience that all present - participants and speakers alike - are enormously encouraged, inspired and inspired by the sum of events during this time.

Who is the Heart of Worship for?
The Heart of Worship is an offer to anyone who wants to take the time to worship God. Participants of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. Some think it's an event for artists only, or for worship team musicians. This is not the case. Of course there are also musicians - professionals as well as beginners. But most visitors are those who simply want to sing their song to their god, and who enjoy doing exactly that with others.

What is special about the Heart of Worship?
Every Heart of Worship conference is different. Due to the constellation of guests, speakers and participants, it becomes something different and something new. We would not want it otherwise. Because we are looking for the real and strive ahead in the new. This is basically an adventure, so you can expect surprises with the unfamiliar. We plan the event precisely - in order to finally release it to the momentum that cannot be planned. Our guests and participants experience that there is space and freedom. We are concerned with simply being before God.

What's next with Heart of Worship?
The worship of God is past, present and future. We live in the middle and are allowed to shape it according to our times. This includes learning from those who have preceded us through all the centuries. We practice our praise in full awareness of the treasure of history and we will continue to familiarize ourselves with it. At the same time, we want to sing to the Lord the "New Song", which is truly proverbial and refers to the possibility of constant renewal, regeneration and creativity. It is an invitation to appreciate the still to be discovered treasure as well as the already found. We want both, and this attitude will continue to shape the Heart of Worship.

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