A Good Summer!

On June 13, the seminar "Gender Spirit or Holy Spirit?" took place. The urgency for this seminar was triggered by the fact that our society, due primarily to our prosperity, humanistic zeitgeist and above all our interfaith dialogue, has lost Jesus. Other Weltanschauungen like gender mainstreaming, openness for everything and unhealthy tolerance have flooded into this vacuum, and are now eroding our society from within. As a result of this seminar, the basis of a declaration for leaders and influential persons has been formulated.
Things will remain at this deep level. Advanced Prophetic Training (26-27 June) and the seminar "Brother Klaus" with Geri Keller (3-4 July) will reveal to us the heart of God. It is this heart and presence of God that we shall be seeking and worshipping during our "Heart of Worship" days from 20-22 August. Jonathan and Melissa Helser (Bethel USA) will be our guests along with worshippers, intercessors, artists, musicians, dancers and authors. We cordially invite you to attend a free evening concert at the close of these days, on 22 August at 7 p.m. Welcome!

Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful summertime,
Andreas and Stephanie Keller, Leadership Stiftung Schleife