We are grateful for this past year, full of the presence of God. Our review includes pictures, videos and live broadcasts of the past events - just look around and get inspired.

We are looking forward very much to the various events in the coming year, 2017 - all with the same goal: More of Jesus! Healing, liberation, inspiration, direction, help, encouragement, reorientation, answers ... an overview can be found here (in German).

On January 21, the New Testament Bible Workshop begins. On six Saturdays we will get to know the history, background, composition, structure and the contents of each book.

From 27 to 29 January 2017 this year's Farmers' Conference will take place in the Reithalle in Winterthur. We are looking forward to a meeting of many farmers, and the opportunity for encounters, exchange, realignment and encouragement.

You are very welcome to attend!

Andreas and Stephanie Keller, Heads of the Schleife Foundation.


We had the impression of designing an issue about "Glory", even before we knew that Michael Herwig has now fully arrived in God's glory. We are not allowed to see into the future world, but God wants to fill us with His glory even now.  With this edition of the Prophetic Bulletin, we would like to make you inwardly hungry (or, as we say in Switzerland, "glowing") to reach out for God's glory.

Read more about it in the current Bulletin (in German).