We experienced a wonderful Conference for Kids and Parents over the Ascension Day weekend. The hearts of the children again got to know God in a totally different, new way and parents had time and space for sharing, fellowship and the basic questions of education and everyday family life. The remainder of this second quarter will remain just as exciting: The seminar "Gender Spirit or Holy Spirit?" takes place on June 13, followed by Advanced Prophetic Training at the end of June and the seminar "Brother Klaus" with Geri Keller at the beginning of July. We look forward with pleasure to all that lies ahead of us! Take a look at our calendar and look ahead with us into the second and third quarter.

Cordially, Andreas und Stephanie Keller, Leadership Stiftung Schleife



Prayer and Action for Justice (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

What is really important? We live in a society with thousands of possibilities. Many of them make sense; many do not. How can we set priorities? Bonhoeffer puts prayer first. The purpose of prayer is to open the heavens that we may receive God's will and direction.
When we do God's will in those areas where we bear responsibility, righteousness is revealed.  Something new happens; things are put in order.
Read further examples of this in our Bulletin (in german).