Our time has come!

Our time has come! It is on this theme that the Women’s Conference andStiftung Schleife Women's Leadership Forum took place on September 4-5in the Parkarena, Winterthur. Two female guest speakers, Briskilla Zananirifrom Jordan, and Ranja Sayegh from Nazareth shared about theirlives in leadership responsibility and their mandates.

Bobby Conner will be expounding the Book of Ruth to us on Monday 18 October,and teaching about integrity within the prophetic ministry on Wednesday 20 October.We are now extending an invitation to our seminar "Frequencies and Sound" on 23-24 October,and to a wonderful evening with Martin Schleske, the profound violin maker,who teaches us that the parables are not "old hat", but can be found all around us -if we would only look and listen. We look forward with great anticipation!

With heartfelt blessings, Andreas and Stephanie Keller, Leadership Stiftung Schleife

God's first love

Michael Herwig had an impressive experience recently. He had been invited to speak at a Swiss men’s day. In preparation he asked the Lord: „Father in heaven, what is on your heart?“

What he heard came as a surprise. Deep inside of him, Michael Herwig heard God say: „Israel ... Israel, my first love.“

This experience set the initial impulse for the new issue of the Prophetic Bulletin on Israel. We will take a variety of perspectives to illuminate and explore this subject (in german).