We are looking forward to more excellent upcoming seminars and events.

On 2 April, 2016, we are hosting our Leader's Forum for women. Various women leaders will share about their missions, challenges, and the highlights of their lives.

We are very excited about our children's conference with theme "Wonderland", 5-7 May. Prepare to be surprised - it will be fantastic! Along with the the children's conference, we are hosting a conference for adults in the SalZH. Take advantage of this time to strengthen your family's relationship with God, along with your own.

We look forward to seeing you!

With heartfelt blessingsAndreas and Stephanie Keller, Leadership Stiftung Schleife

Love that changes us

Once Jesus told Michael Herwig "You still do not know me - how much I love you an how much I want to help you."

That ist the starting point of everything: Jesus, who loves us and always wants to help. We need to see everything with the eyes of Jesus; that is the basis of every single day. That is why the title of de new Bulletin (in german) reads: Love that changes us. It is love alone that melts hard hearts and makes blind eyes see.