Information Family Workshop

Dates: Upon agreement

Location: Familienwerkstatt Stiftung Schleife, Tösstalstrasse 59, CH-8400 Winterthur

Resposible: Susanne Albrecht, Bachelor of Science in Socual Work

Fees: You will receive a payment slip with the request to give a contribution based on your individual possibilities. 

Registration/cancellations: Call the Stiftung Schleife, Phone: +41 (0)52 233 60 80 . If you need to cancel an appointment, please call at least two days ahead.

Note: There will be an exchange about the central and relevant content that affects both parents and children. Children over the age of 16 can register without the consent or knowledge of their parents. Depending on the course of the conversation, cooperation with the parents can becomes an issue.

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